Photo Session Wardrobe Styling

Styling wardrobe for a photo session can be a little overwhelming. To ease the burden, I’m sharing helpful tips and outfit options that would work for babies, girls, boys, women, and men. 

Where to start: 
When styling a full family wardrobe, I always say to start with mom. We want mama to feel beautiful, comfortable and to really shine.

From there, I like to select the kids' clothing in coordinating colors to mom. This connects them together without having everyone dressing in identical clothing. (For example, if mom is wearing a floral print dress, I would select a few colors from the print and dress the kids in those colors.) 

Last but not least, I style the boys and men. In my opinion, the guys are the easiest to style. (For example, I would put them in khaki pants and a solid henley or button down top.) Of course, you can always get a little more fancy and layer an open chambray top over a henley shirt etc. It’s up to the client to decide what works best for them and how elaborate they want their wardrobe. 

What to do: 
Select outfits that coordinate and have a variety of textures. For example, layering a jean jacket or sweater is a great way to incorporate this tip. Outfits made of materials such as lace, gauze, eyelet, chambray, etc. are all great fabrics to consider when styling for photos. Also, try to select a dress with movement. For example, a maxi dress photographs so well!

When in doubt, wear colors that are neutral and earthy color tones. This color palette below will always photograph beautifully. 

What NOT to do:
Avoid wearing very busy patterns, stripes, or a gingham as these tend to looked blurred when printed. Please also try to stay away from neon colors. They can reflect unflattering hues on the skin and change your coloring.

To browse my wardrobe ideas for the whole family (baby, child, and adults) . Click HERE.

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